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Finance Chairman Set To Take Helm Of Nh Senate

Previously, these debt securities were traded only through banks offering over-the-counter trading. While Dubai has the advantage of already being a recognised centre for banking and business, with the technical infrastructure in place, challenges remain when it comes to developing the broader sukuk market, not only in the UAE but elsewhere in the region. In part this is a general issue related to bond markets, quite apart from the Islamic finance sector. To date, the number of debt instruments issued by the government and corporations has been fairly modest, which has meant that the associated services sector including market makers and primary dealers has yet to develop fully. Assuming that hurdle can be surmounted, the specialised concerns of the sharia market increasingly come to the fore, including a need for lawyers and bankers who specialise in Islamic finance. To some extent, the Dubai Centre for Islamic Banking and Finance should help in this regard, by training people that can staff these businesses and support the development of a more robust Islamic financial services sector in Dubai. More From OBG Report Summary The Report: Colombia 2013 This will be Oxford Business Group's first report on Colombia and is due to be published this year. Colombia has maintained significant growth in recent years, with the economy having expanded 7. Report Summary The Report: Mexico 2013 The second-largest economy and second-most-populous country in Latin America, Mexico is a significant producer of hydrocarbons, minerals and manufactured goods, and, thanks to its free-trade agreement and 3000-km-long border with the US, a prime location for companies looking to export to the worlds largest economy.

Morse was a co-sponsor of a casino gambling bill this year that earmarked some funding for highway improvements. The bill passed the Senate but died in the House. The House instead passed a bill phasing in an increase in the gas and diesel tax for road fixes. "I'm still totally opposed to the gas tax. I think it will stall the economy," Morse said. That could affect Sen. Jim Rausch 's plan to file legislation raising the gas tax to pay for highway improvements. As Senate president, Morse will have the power First Financial to decide whether the Senate will consider a gas tax increase since the chamber voted not to consider bills similar to the tax hike passed by the House. Morse also has not changed his position on whether New Hampshire should expand Medicaid under the federal health care overhaul law. He said New Hampshire has to determine if it is in the state's best interest to expand the program and, if so, how. "I think we should have what works for New Hampshire.

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