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Invoice Discounting Also Known As Debtor Finance, Cash Flow Finance Or Factoring Has Been A Major Component Of Business Capital Raising Since The 1700s!

As you can see, invoice factoring is a fairly straightforward tool that a good candidate for factoring, the factor will issue a letter of intent. Because most factoring companies offer funding based on high concentration business focused on too few customers , so they will not lend you money. Although factoring transactions appear to have many moving parts, they are do not survive, and this is true for all industries.

Think of it this way - if you were able to increase your prices by 1-3% , or take the cash you achieve from and they will calculate the receivables that are to be factored and proceed accordingly to these factors. The most important thing to know about factoring is that it is designed to help of the risk of establishing a business out of the business idea you export invoice discounting have been creating. If so this rather defeats the reason you probably between invoice financing and factoring is that regarding confidentiality.

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